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are you going to eat that


Pumphouse Media


108 mins

views: 1,227
If you get off on watching hot dudes eat cum, then Pumphouse Media's "Are You Going to Eat That?" is going to be right up your alley, because in this movie the answer to the question posed int the title is always yes!
Pumphouse Media
DVD count: 33
» scene 1 14 minutes 1,510 views
Andrew James and Elliot Cross are the featured attraction in this mature dudes on twink three-way oral group sex scene from Pumphouse Media's "Are You Going to Eat That?," the twink leashed and collared as he sucks the older dudes' cocks until they blow their loads in his mouth and on his pretty face.
» scene 2 26 minutes 2,556 views
Elliot Cross and Jon Paulson are two of four hot dudes participating in this group oral sex scene from Pumphouse Media's "Are You Going to Eat That?." with the four athletic dudes shooting their loads into shot glasses and then drinking down the jizz.
» scene 3 8 minutes 1,106 views
It's a group masturbation scene where each of the athletic participants shoots their load onto a cookie for the winner to consume for the scene's finale, in answer to the movie's title "Are You Going to Eat That?" The answer of course is yes!
» scene 4 8 minutes 1,950 views
It's a twink threesome in this hot oral sex scene from Pumphouse Media's "Are You Going to Eat That?", each taking their turn sucking the others' hard cocks, before collecting the semen for a erotic liquid lunch, that will delight fans of cum eating.
» scene 5 16 minutes 1,544 views
It's an all oral four-way group sex scene in this jock on twink session from Pumphouse Media's "Are You Going to Eat That?" The answer to the title's posed question is of course yes, with these studs dropping their loads in a glass table and slurping up the gooey spunk while we get a view from below.
» scene 6 14 minutes 1,070 views
Celebrating the joys of eating jizz, in this hot four way group oral sex scene from Pumphouse Media's "Are You Going to Eat That?" features four athletic guys sucking cock, including some hot glory hole action and cumin in a funnel held in a good looking guy's mouth.
» scene 7 19 minutes 1,535 views
Four athletic dudes participate in this celebration of the blow job, sucking each others' big hard cocks. As the title of the movie is "Are You Going to Eat That?," unsurprisingly the scene's finale is marked with extensive cum-guzzling, just as you would hope!
are you going to eat that
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