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Now our members can watch the latest GayHD content on their Roku equipped television for FREE!

Access the entire video collection from GayHD from the comfort of your couch using the Roku box. For our members with High Definition TVs, we also have an entire section dedicated to HD videos!! Simply follow the instructions below and start enjoying the largest video collection

For our members with High Definition TVs, we have a special option with nothing but HD videos. Just make sure you have a fat pipe big enough to handle them.

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 Steps to Add the GayHD Channel on

#1 Add the private GayHD channel

Login to Roku https://owner.roku.com/add/gayhd
(Note that this is NOT your GayHD account)
Add the private GayHD channel
(You will automatically be prompted after login. Click "Yes")

#2 Get the serial number for your Roku device...

...and enter it in the form below
(this will link your Roku to your GayHD membership)

Select "Player Settings" from your Roku TV screen
Select "About"
Carefully copy the "Serial Number" into Step 4...
Enter your Serial Number in the form below to link your Roku with your GayHD account
Roku Serial Number:

#3 Enjoy GayHD in HD on your TV! FREE!

Don't Forget! Since you'll probably be enjoying GayHD on a larger screen with your Roku, we've made it easy to get the best image quality by selecting the option to only see HD quality videos in full 720p -- the maximum resolution Roku can display.

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