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barracks buddies 1


Pink Visual


barracks buddies


116 mins

views: 925
Sometimes a soldier just needs to unload, and what better way to do it than by getting together with a fellow soldier back in the barracks and engaging in all manner of cock chugging and ass fucking? In Pink Visual's Barracks Buddies 1, we're treated to hot military sex acts in and around the soldiers' base that leave them, and presumably you, highly decorated... with cum!
Pink Visual
DVD count: 136
» scene 1 28 minutes 1,077 views
Nick Lamar and Zack Hood pair off for some quality muscle stud on twink time in this hot military sex scene from Pink Visual's Barracks Buddies 1. After swapping blow jobs, the elder, beefier dude gives his twinky companion's ass a tonguing in preparation for the raws ass fuck that soon follows, fucking that tight ass until they both cum!
» scene 2 28 minutes 582 views
Lucky Taylor and Nick Lamar are two athletic military studs take some time to improve on the cohesion of their units, thoroughly misunderstanding the meaning of "unit cohesion." After exchanging blow jobs, and fingering of tight ass holes the brunette is thrown a solid fucking by his horny partner.
» scene 3 29 minutes 1,208 views
Micky Loveboy and Tomas Adamec are two extremely photogenic twinks pretending to be soldiers in this hot twink on twink sex scene from Pink Visual's Barracks Buddies 1, swapping blowjobs and fucking sweetie twinks ass over table.
» scene 4 29 minutes 836 views
Daniel and Tom Cage get down for some military-themed homo hijinks in this hot scene from Pink Visual's Barracks Buddies 1. Sucking each other's cocks outside the pair retreat to the base's motor pool where they can strip off their camouflage uniforms and engage in some more advanced sucking and ass fucking!
barracks buddies 1
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