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Customer Support - Downloading Issues

1. How do I download the DVD movies?

There are different methods to download the movies, but the most effective one is the Right Click Method. To download a movie, you just have to Right Click on the movie link and then select "Save target as". You'll be prompted to choose a place to store the movie on your Hard Drive (remember where you download it of course!), and then the download will start. To play the movie, you'll simply have to double click on the file once it’s completely downloaded. Note that if you left click on the link, your media player will generally pop up, and then you won’t be able to save the movie on your hard drive (and for some media players, you won't even be able to view the movie). If you encounter any difficulties viewing the movies after downloading them, please read the questions concerning video playing.

2. I don't want to download the movies. What can I do?

If you have a slow connection or simply don't want to wait for a movie to be downloaded, we have the movie format that fits your needs. From a DVD page, simply click on "PLAY" or select the WMV format. You'll then be able to stream the movie (it downloads it as you're playing it). Please note, however, that the quality isn't as good as the XviD or the MPG format that we also have at GayHD.

3. When I try to download, it goes to Windows Media Player and the video never starts. What can I do?

Make sure the movie is downloaded on your hard drive before you watch it - to download, right click on the movie link and choose "Save target as" (more information on Question #2 located at the top of this page). When it's downloaded, just double click on the movie file to watch it. For more information, see our "Video Playing" page. If you have only sound or only video, you'll have to download the proper codec to view the movies.

4. When I left click to play a .wmv scene, it doesn't open Windows Media Player. What can I do?

The WMV format is best viewed with Windows Media Player, but some other applications can play this format. However, some applications also take over this format but are unable to play it (such as Win Amp, Real Player, etc.). To fix this problem, set up the .wmv format to be viewed through Windows Media Player. To do this with Windows XP, just right click onto a wmv file and then select "Opens with" and then, "Choose the program". Finally, select Windows Media Player and check the box "Always open with that program". If this doesn't work, you can also update your Windows Media Player HERE.

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