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Customer Support - Video Player Issues

1. Do I need to install something in order to play your DVD Movies correctly?

Depending on the format of the movie you are going to watch or download, you might need additional FREE plugins or freeware. Below is a list of requirements for each format:

  • H.264 Mpeg 4 Format:

  • H.264 is a new encryption method that is very efficient. The files are small and the movies are in True DVD resolution (720x540)!!

    Most of the Video Players including Quicktime, VLC or Zoomplayer support the H.264 Mpeg4 formats and are Free, so we strongly recommend using one of these players on your computer to watch porn movies you download from GayHD.

    If you are using Windows Media Player or a player that doesn't support this new format, there are 2 free software plugins you need to install in order to play H.264 Mpeg4 files :

    Haali Media Splitter

    NEW: Watch this Online Video explaining the installation procedure

  • Adobe Flash Player:

  • To watch the GayHD porn movie library online, you only need to install the Adobe FlashPlayer which is also 100% FREE. Most operating systems come with this program already installed, but we recommend updating the program for best results because they release new upgraded versions all the time.
    Click Here to visit the Adobe FlashPlayer official page

  • XVID Format:

  • To play the movies in the AVI Xvid format you need to install the Xvid Codec. You can download it for FREE below :

    XviD Codec for Windows users
    XviD Codec for Mac users
    XviD Codec for Linux users

    Note that this format can be copied onto a CD/DVD to be played on modern DVD players with a full size television screen, you just have to make sure your DVD player is DivX compatible.

  • WMV Format:

  • To play the movies in WMV format (Windows Media Video), you need the latest version of the Windows Media Player, which can be downloaded for FREE using the link below:

    Download Windows Media Player - (the download page opens in a new window)

If you have any difficulty playing GayHD porn movies in the format you want to use, feel free to contact our trained technical staff using our CONTACT page. We're always here to help!

2. Which movie player do you suggest I use?

If you're using a MAC, Quicktime is a definitely the best player and it's compatible with all of our video formats. Just make sure you download and install Perian which lets you play AVI Xvid files on your MAC.

If you're using a PC, there are a few Video Players that you can use:

3. Which Video Format should I watch or Download?

We have several video formats available and choosing the best one for your computer might be a little confusing at first. Let's show you what you need to know:

If you want instant porn, and you don't want to download the movie and wait for the download to be completed, we recommend watching the movie streaming online. We have 3 streaming formats available for online viewing and the best format depends on your internet connection speed:

   • H.264 > Fiber Optic / Fast DSL and Cable connections only.
   • Adobe Flash Hi-Res > Regular DSL/Cable connections.
   • Adobe Flash Low-Res > Dial-Up and slower connections or computers

If you want to save the movies on your computer for later viewing and start collecting porn movies, you want to chose the Download option instead. We have 2 formats available for download and you should choose the format depending on the Quality you'd like and the compatibility:

   • H.264 > True DVD resolution in 720x540 / Large files / Compatible with HD DVD and Blu-Ray DVD player
   • AVI Xvid > Very good video quality / 640x480 Resolution / compatible with most DVD players

4. Can I play H.264 files on my XBOX and PS3?

Yes, this format works on XBOX and PS3.

5. I installed the XVID codec to play the AVI format but I still cant view the movie?

On a few operating systems, for the XVID codec to work properly, you need to install FFdshow - which is 100% free:

   • Ffdshow
     Click here to download FFdshow
     -- Click Here for the install instructions --

6. I can hear the sound but I can't see the video, how can I fix that?

If you downloaded the AVI Xvid format and you can only hear the sound, that means you need to install the Xvid Codec. The Xvid codec is a FREE plug-in that decodes the AVI format. It must be installed in order for your computer to play this format properly, please [Click Here] or refer to Question 1 on this page and follow the installation instructions. We have not noticed any sound problem with the other formats but if you do have any other issues, please contact us!

7. I can't play .wmv movies. How can I fix that?

Some applications, such as WinAmp or Real Player, take over the WMV format management on your computer even though they can not support play movies in this format. In order to fix this, you need to upgrade/install Windows Media Player again. To download it, use the link below (It's FREE):
Download Windows Media Player - (the download page opens in a new window)

8. XviD codec installation problem: Error opening file for writing. How do I fix that?

This problem may occur when you try to install the XviD codech and the XviD installation program for some reason is unable to create/replace files in the Windows system directory. If you don't have the xvid.ax file installed on your system already, you probably don't have the required privileges to install the XviD codec. The installation program needs to be able to create some files in the Windows system directories as well as update the system registry. Make sure you have these privileges or contact someone who has them for assistance.

If you already have the xvid.ax file installed on your system, you need to figure out why the installation program is unable to replace it. This can be caused either by the file attribute being set to read-only or because the codec is currently in use by another program. Make sure to close all other programs before installing the XviD codec. You can try closing all programs and reinstalling it. If you still receive the same error message, try to manually remove the file before you start another reinstallation attempt.

9. There are strange lines on the movie that look interlaced. How do I fix that?

It seems that some versions of Windows Media Player have a bug playing some XviD movies. That bug has been fixed in the newest version of Windows Media Player. So if you're seeing lines on the movies that look interlaced, simply download and install the latest version of Windows Media Player to fix it.

10. How can I make Windows Media Player my default player?

You can easily set that up on your own by following the easy steps on this support page:

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