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Fight Night

fight night


In the series: sport ladz

Studio: Staxus

Date: May 28, 2023 • Playtime: 01:50:38

Some guys like football, others like rugby; but there’s nothing to put a glove on the raw competitive splendor that is boxing. A fact that our gang of ever-horny beauties are only too ready and willing to demonstrate when they take to the ring to find out which one of them really is the hardest! Needless to say, it’s not long before any thought of belting hell’s bells out of each other is surpassed by the primal urge to bang each others tight asses. Hot, sweaty and totally uncompromising, muscled beauty Rob Nielsen leads a full bevy of STAXUS favorites and newbies alike to a full round of top-notch spunk-blasting action!

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